We are proud to announce our new initiative: SCM3D.

3 Dimensions of Supply Chain Management
Integrated on a singular platform - on cloud.

Our dynamic and dedicated team here at Supply Chain Wizard LLC, gathered to build the next generation supply chain management platform. We offer state-of-the-art solutions in an integrated environment to help with your supply chain decision making. This initiative is the first step, and we are creating more and more tools working on the cloud backed by Amazon Web Services.


We create the tools that help our customers collect and reach both regulatory data and their internal data. We take care of the data crunching and our customers focus on their businesses.


Our customers use our dashboards to turn data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into insight.


All insights gathered by the data and the dashboards create the utmost value when they are used to make decisions. We help our customers with state-of-the-art decision making systems.

Here are some of our current tools

CMO Serialization Survey

Allows strategical assessment of CMO readiness by market and product through Pharmaceutical Track & Trace (Serialization) programs.

CMO Serialization Dashboard

Integrated with the CMO Serialization Survey, allows in-depth analysis of CMO readiness by market and product through Pharmaceutical Track & Trace programs.

CMO Serialization Portal

An interactive portal integrated with the CMO Serialization Dashboard & Survey allowing CMO interactions on a singular platform through and after Pharmaceutical Track & Trace programs.

Serialization Wizard

Strategic Planning and Budgeting tool specifically designed for Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Programs to help companies meet global regulatory requirements cost-effectively.

Regulations Database

A structured and up-to-date database of active, draft and finalized Pharmaceutical Track & Trace regulations from all over the world.

Supplier KPI Dashboard

All supplier KPI's on a single dashboard. Monitor and track your suppliers easily while making in-depth root-cause analysis.

Scheduling Wizard

Line based scheduling developed for manufacturing companies. The tool utilizes state of the art scheduling algorithms with clear and easy interfaces.

OEE Tracker

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tracking and reporting with simple touch-driven web/tablet interfaces.

About Supply Chain Wizard

Supply Chain Wizard is a management & technology consulting firm serving Pharmaceutical industry in serialization (Track & Trace) programs and all manufacturing industries in supply chain strategy, optimization and organizational capability building programs. At Supply Chain Wizard, our vision is to be the most trusted advisor of our clients in the field of end-to-end supply chain strategy and operations by adding significant and sustainable value to their performance; and to be the premier supply chain services company that attracts, develops and empowers highly talented people. We have number of software solutions for strategic program planning & execution management deployed at our clients, with a strong pipeline of solution & software products meeting our client needs in Americas, Europe and Asia. We have more than 100 consultants and experts in our network in over 15 countries ready to support our clients in their business and operational transformation journeys.

Ready to change your business?

We are ready to give a 3D perspective of your supply chain.